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Technically cared natural products from Chile

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What we do

Exports & Trading

Our team of Engineers and professionals, specialists on food business, select the best available products on orchards and processing facilities, complying with world class certifications plus environmentally friendly growing strategies.

The focus is on fresh, dried, dehydrated fruits and wines.

We are constantly reviewing new business alternatives, updating protocols and entry permits that allow our products to be sold on different Asian markets.


Chile is one of the best growers of raisins, walnuts, almonds, prunes and other dried and dehydrated products in the world.

The moderate temperatures and arid climate of the Chilean summer provides ideal conditions for the production of dried fruits.

We select the best available dried fruits :

Raisins: golden, oven and sun dried / seedless and with seeds.
Walnuts: shelled / inshell
Almonds: shelled / inshell
Prunes: natural condition / tenderized
Blueberries: infused dried

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Chile is one of the top fruit growers in the Southern Hemisphere.

The arid climate of the Chilean summer provides ideal conditions for production of natural quality, juicy and attractive color fruits.

Table grapes / Cherries

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Chile’s Mediterranean climate features warm, dry summers and cold, rainy winters that vines love.

Our company brand RANO KAU represents the best of Chile´s central valley terroir, comprising different varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere, Sauvignon blanc, Chardonnay and other innovative products.

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Our Services

Agrotechnological consultancy

Chile’s unique characteristics boosted by modern agrotechnology lend it´s unrivalled conditions for producing fresh, pure, healthy, good quality food which is appreciated around the world.

The same innovative agroconsulting services, now available to modernize and upgrade Chinese agri sector activities, achieving balanced management strategies on a team basis with local know how.

Full integration of:

  • Farming Hi tech operation and diagnosis.
  • Data processing for intelligent farm management.
  • Agroproject feasibility studies.
  • Production strategies.
  • Packaging for extended shelf life.
  • Management tools.
  • Traceability, sustainability, food safety.
  • Produce marketing and market allocation.
  • Environmental, pollution bio control and mitigation.

Management and consulting services aimed at:

  • Investors seeking best options for new agroprojects.
  • Fresh fruit related companies.
  • Municipal or regional entities, boosting their food operation.
  • Independent grower associations or groups.
  • Pesticide or fertilizer companies, increasing their products value.

Who We are

The company

We are a Chilean company, focused in integrating innovative value proposals between the national agroalimentary exporter sector and the vast requirements of the food marketing actors in Asia.

Asia Fresh is led by the Agricultural Engineer from the PUCV, Pablo Escalona B. who has been involved in important projects on the agroalimentary sector in Asia and China for around 15 years.

Thereby, in 2008 Asia Fresh is born, an innovative business platform, specialized on commercial exchange in the Asian food market scene, with deep knowledge about it’s mentality, business models and preferences.

Currently, we are fully devoted to food exports and the agrotechnology and procedures that took place on their production.

At Asia Fresh, we continue up with our ancestor’s entrepreneurship spirit, Betteley & Co., whom already over one century ago engaged on commercial activities with Asia.

Mainly, importing teas from different and remote areas of Far East to Valparaíso port in Chile, playing a prevailing role in the massification of this brevage in our country.

About Chile

Chile is a long and narrow country in southwestern Latin America with 180 km (112 miles) wide on average, 4,300 km (2.672 miles) long from the border with Peru on the north to the Strait of Magellan on the south. Sheltered by the Andes on the east and the Pacific on the west, Chile has a perfect natural isolation against pests and diseases. These characteristics have turned Chile into a perfect climate scene and with it´s excellent soils, a complement for the cultivation of various commercial species.

Chile is a country of varied, pristine, breathtaking, truly unique landscapes. Chile borders on Peru to the north, Bolivia and Argentina to the east, the South Pole to the south and the Pacific Ocean to the west.

Copper exploitation in the North, fishing development in the South, vineyard cultivation in central zone and a great variety of farming products, have made of Chile a growing country in exports development.

Everything about Chile (PDF)

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