Your Asia food business partner

The Company

We are a Chilean company, focused in integrating innovative value proposals between the national agroalimentary exporter sector and the vast requirements of the food marketing actors in Asia.

Asia Fresh is led by the Agricultural Engineer from the PUCV, Pablo Escalona B. who has been involved in important projects on the agroalimentary sector in Asia and China for around 15 years.

Thereby, in 2008 Asia Fresh is born, an innovative business platform, specialized on commercial exchange in the Asian food market scene, with deep knowledge about it’s mentality, business models and preferences.

Currently, Asia Fresh is focused in adding new energy in it´s exports, trading, own brands creation, marketing and design for the best available Chilean food products, carefully chosen day by day by our specialists aimed at the high demanding Asian market.

Mission and Vision


Our mission is to detect, develop and maximize business and marketing opportunities, sustainable on the long term between the Chilean agroalimentary export sector and Asia.


Our vision is to achieve millions of smiling faces among Asian consumers while tasting Chilean food products, identifying them as healthy, premium quality, innovative and of proven traceability.

Te Santa FilomenaAsia Fresh History

At Asia Fresh, we continue up with our ancestor’s entrepreneurship spirit, Betteley & Co., whom already over one century ago engaged on commercial activities with Asia. Mainly, importing teas from different and remote areas of Far East to Valparaíso port in Chile, playing a prevailing role in the massification of this brevage in our country.